Play 02 Play 02 Bye Bye Blackbird 2:30
Play 04 Play 04 5 And 6 1:48
Play 05 Play 05 Phase Shift 1:37
Play 06 Play 06 Drone In Db 3:11
Play 08 Play 08 NICHORD Rohcin 1:46
Play 10 Play 10 A Little Sad Waltz 1:49
Play 11 Play 11 Body And Soul 3:05
Play 12 Play 12 Cinéma 1:25
Play 13 Play 13 Silence 2:55
Play 15 Play 15 Diminished Epicness 1:27

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During the whole month of January 2023 I participated to some kind of internet challenge : Jamuary. It's about recording and publishing, every day, an original thing. An improvisation, a composition, a cover, whatever you want, but recorded on that day. Originally, Jamuary gathers electronic musicians, who play with modular synths and other rhythm boxes. But I thought I could participate at the piano, and I was well received.
So I posted all this on YouTube, chatting with the other Jamuarists, and listening to their tracks. There was a little dedicated forum, with a « prompt » given each day, with a key and a tempo, to be followed or not. I followed them most of the time. It was an intense experience, very rich. I learned a lot, on several levels, artistic, piano technique, musical production technique...
Then, the question of the future of these recordings emerged. Several Jamuarists were talking about making a selection for an album on BandCamp. Bingo, that's what I decided to do too. True, everything is recorded with my digital piano, but I dare to believe that there is a certain artistic value in those pieces anyway. I kept 16 tracks, and I mixed them as I could.
I'm happy with the result. It goes in a lot of directions. There are some « traditional » piano drones, but also some Jazz standards, a little waltz, several explorations. I had trouble building up a solo piano repertoire, and this allowed me to take stock and overcome certain blockages.
What happens next? I don't know. Every time I've said things like « I'm going to do this » or « I hope to do that » it hasn't gone as planned. So I'd rather not say anything.
So today I'm releasing on BandCamp this little collection of these one-day compositions. 16 tracks, 30 minutes and some, and 3 euro, for the most motivated people who want and can support me.
Johann Bourquenez, piano & composition

released february 2023

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